Guernsey - A fresh look to mark the tenth birthday of Wave Telecom

31-Jan-2012 14:01

From today Wave Telecom will become JT (Guernsey Limited) and will begin trading under a new corporate identity; JT. 

Since it began trading in Guernsey in 2002, Wave Telecom has been a key and strategically important part of the JT Group. ‘JT’ will now be the unified corporate identity across the Channel Islands, accompanied by the supporting positioning statement, ‘Join Together’. 

With this year marking the 10th birthday of JT’s operations in Guernsey, it is the ideal time to review their identity; it has grown from providing competition and choice in the mobile market to islanders, to becoming a full service operator with a large client base of residential and business customers, providing products such as high-speed broadband (both fixed and mobile) fixed line services and data-hosting, amongst others.

As a Channel Islands owned company, the JT Group is classed as a Tier One operator and already has a long track record of investing in the Island.  They have so far invested over £40m in Guernsey’s telecommunications infrastructure.  This includes  an  £8m submarine cable connecting the Island to the UK (Project Liberty), as well as the installation of a fibre-optic network delivering super-fast broadband speeds to St Peter Port and a gigabit speed (1024 Mb/s) fixed broadband service to residential premises, in this case, Royal Terrace.  

What’s more JT is currently investing a further £500,000 across the islands to increase speeds on its mobile data network of up to 42Mb/s, which will be amongst the quickest in the world, as part of its Gigabit Islands program.   JT already provide islanders with one of the fastest mobile data networks in Guernsey offering speeds of 14.4mb. 

In addition, the JT Group has just been confirmed by the States of Guernsey as the preferred supplier of the telecoms network linking more than a hundred States owned sites, including schools, across the Bailiwick.  Known as a “WAN”.  As such JT will shortly be converting it to a fibre-optic network, which allows much greater capacity and data speeds. 

To continue to deliver those achievements and meet its strategic and commercial goals, JT now employs 36 people in Guernsey and will be led by new Managing Director, Paul D Taylor: 

“To say I’m proud of what the JT Group has achieved in Guernsey over the last decade is something of an understatement”, commented Mr Taylor. “From a starting point of bringing much needed competition and choice to the mobile market, we have now grown to become an established operator providing the full range of telecoms services and I am delighted to take over the reins at this exciting time”. 

“It is important to note that Wave Telecom has always been owned by the JT Group, and our Guernsey services will still be run by the same professional and experienced team in Guernsey, as has been the case since Day 1; so in that sense, there is no change. But now trading under a single Channel Islands’ identity means that we can offer streamlined account management for our business customers, many of whom trade in both Guernsey and Jersey, as well as helping to stimulate an inward investment in the Channel Islands as a whole. We have recently opened an office in Silicon Valley to do just that, and we are now in a position where we can promote Jersey and Guernsey together under the JT identity, by effectively joining together we are stronger”. 

“We often hear that the Channel Islands should work more closely together to help their economies out of their current difficulties. Well, that is exactly what the JT Group is doing. 

We are proud to be the only locally owned telecommunications firm, and our teams in Guernsey and Jersey will be working hard under a fresh JT brand to deliver the very best products and services to customers across the Bailiwick of Guernsey and in Jersey, where we compete with major global multi-national companies. 

We understand the differences between the Islands, but also recognise the areas in which they can work together for mutual benefit, it is our combination of local expertise and global connections, along with this aligned brand which will help take us forward. It is the start of a tremendously exciting time for JT, and a fitting and significant way to mark our tenth anniversary in Guernsey.  As well as a new look customers can expect to see many other exciting announcements in the coming months, from our exciting new retail store opening today, to the announcement of the CI’s first ever pan-island Directory, to new consumer and business products and services, we have a very exciting year ahead and I am proud of all we have done in getting to this point.”.  

For further information, please contact James Filleul at Direct Input, 01534 735253, 07797 733 344 or